Reds and yellows clash in Bangkok
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Reds and yellows clash in Bangkok

The Bangkok Post:

Confrontations between the red- and yellow-shirt groups are likely to intensify after yesterday’s clash outside the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) left scores of people from both sides injured.

Tensions escalated about 11am when a group of yellow shirts smashed the windshield of a truck belonging to red-shirt radio station FM90.25.

An ensuing scuffle left red-shirt member Visorndaeng Traisuwaan, 35, with a head injury.

A yellow-shirt member, Chatchai Sutheesopon, 48, who was accused of carrying a hand gun by the red shirts, also suffered a head injury after he was hit in the back of the head during the scuffle. Police who searched him later found no weapons on him.

Payap Pankate, a United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) co-leader and a Pheu Thai Party list-MP, said the violent stand-off is a sign that the government’s reconciliation policy remains off-track.

BP: Why were both sides at the police station you may ask? The yellow shirts were supporting a teacher who filed a lese majeste complaint against a well-known red shirt supporter. In response, the red shirt supporter filed a defamation charge against the teacher who was summoned for questioning and well both sides showed up to support each other. If people want to fight, they will and will find an opportunity, but perhaps not allowing anyone to file lese majeste complaints reduces this chances of such clashes. Compared to previous clashes in 2008 when people actually died, yesterday’s clash was relatively minor. Will the authorities be able to keep a suitable distance between both groups next time?

btw, Thai Rath has some photos and a video here.