Living next to Lake Superior
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Living next to Lake Superior

When I go to a new place, I normally would be attracted by it for a while, because of the fresh stuff. However, I have been here at Northern for almost two years, I still enjoy here, no kidding, and when it comes to the day I graduate, I will cry because I love it.

Nobody would say “no” if I say Marquette is the one of the most attractive places during the fall in United State. In this season, people drive several hours to Marquette for this amazing view, leaves are changing color, Lake Superior is the right temperature to swim. I was told Northern Michigan University is close to the Lake Superior, but, I cannot believe it that it only takes me 10 minutes to walk from where I live (near campus) to arrive there. I mean the lake is just on your next door, you can imagine how much fun you are going to have based on the big lake. As part of the Chinese Organization, we had our first welcome party there on the beach; friends of mine and I
spent the American Independent Day at the beach enjoying the fireworks, then we went to the Presque Isle and dived into the water.

Friends, take this opportunity and have fun at Lake Superior.

Huijin He