Huijin He’s Experience at Northern Michigan University
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Huijin He’s Experience at Northern Michigan University

My name is Huijin He. I and 21 other students came here as a group of transfer students from Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) in China 2 years ago. Our former college and NMU have partner relationship, so we actually know about NMU through


CUEB. However, CUEB has no less than 5 cooperative universities. I finally decided on NMU after serious consideration. After a review

of my transcript, NMU admitted most of my credits, so I canfinish my degree earlier than what I expected and it is proof to my parents that I did not waste time on the last two years at CUEB. My parents agreed to have me to go to NMU because they believe NMU is in the safest city ever. After I arrived here, I found out people here just as described in the video we saw. They say “hi,” smile at you and do favors for you. The most exciting thing I found out is it only costs me half of the price compared to a friend who studies at another cooperative university.

I have enjoyed myself here at the last two years. I joined in different clubs and went to various activities. We founded the first Chinese Club here at Northern Michigan University. As the Vice President of the new Chinese Club, I mainly take care of the funds and assist the President in organizing our activities. We have two big events every year: Mid-Autumn Festival Party and Chinese New Year Party. Beside this, All Nations Club (link) and Superior Edge (link) are my favorite organizations.


I have to say I learned how to drink coffee here. I do not drink a lot coffee in China, perhaps one cup per month, but now I drink it just like water. It’s a basic daily necessity. However, there one flavor I cannot and would not like is the taste of Cinnamon, I am sorry, Americans, I just do not like it.


I’m excited like to share more of my experience in the future.