University, TAFE or Private College: where should you study?
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University, TAFE or Private College: where should you study?


So you’re thinking of Studying in Australia, that’s great! Australia is one of the best places in the world to go on and gain a higher education. Although with a huge range of courses and education providers on offer in Australia, it can be difficult to not only determine what to study, but also know where to study, whether it is at a university, a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) or a private college.

In Australia there are many different options available to students to gain further education, and these options are created by the numerous education providers, all with their own pros and cons. However many students find it difficult to distinguish which education provider is most beneficial to them.

In Australia there are 3 main education providers that students immediately think of when it comes to further education, and the most prominent of these providers are universities.

For any student wanting a career in a regulated profession such as law, accounting, nursing or dentistry, university is an obvious choice; however universities also offer a wide range of degrees in general areas such as health, social science and arts.  Universities are the first education provider that come to mind of a student looking at undertaking further educational studies because, not only do universities offer undergraduate and post graduate courses that offer the highest level of qualifications available but also because they equip students with the appropriate skill set needed to enter the workplace.

Apart from offering the highest qualifications recognised in Australia, universities also boast large community atmospheres that in some instances have no borders and can be found in the remotest parts of the world.

Another further education provider that pops into the minds of students who are contemplating further educational studies, are TAFEs. TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education institutes, and offer practically orientated courses at certificate and diploma levels. TAFEs focus on preparing students for vocational or paraprofessional careers, such as hospitality, child care and design industries.

Unlike universities, TAFEs courses have a practical focus, lower entry requirements and shorter completion time and therefore lower costs. Another benefit of undertaking a course through a TAFE is that, as a student, you are exposed to industry standard, recognised and used machinery and tools which provide students with the knowledge and capabilities to enter straight into the workforce.

In addition to universities and TAFEs, students also have the option of attending a private college. Although there are a small number of private colleges that offer courses in various fields, the majority of private colleges in Australia focus on one particular industry. The benefit of specialising in one particular industry is that students will be surrounded with similar minded peers that are aiming at achieving the same thing. As the majority of private colleges focus solely one particular field, many of these colleges boast smaller class sizes which allow a more personalised education.

Before committing to any form of further education it is extremely important to have all the necessary information at your disposal. For further information on which education provider is most suited to your needs, download the free Studies in Australia iPad app available at the iTunes store. Decided on which type of educational provider you wish to study with? Check out help decided on which course and which education provider is best for you!