SKorea: ‘Mannam’ group is front for Shinchonji cult
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SKorea: ‘Mannam’ group is front for Shinchonji cult

According to this CBS News report, and this thread on, the Shinchonji cult has put together a group called Mannam to recruit members via seemingly ordinary activities.

This translation is a request from reader Peter D.

Are you aware of the volunteering group Mannam?

This group is a front for for the Shinchonji cult…Yesterday, August 15th, their true nature was revealed during Liberation Day celebrations.

Goh Seok-pyo reports.

The true nature of Mannam was revealed after it had previously been known only as a group with some relationship to Shinchonji.

Mannam hosted a Liberation Day celebration at which Lee Man-hui, the religious leader of Shinchonji, was given the title of honorary chairman.

Mr. Lee arranged the Liberation Day event and Kim Nam-hui, representative of Mannam, appeared to take orders from him.

As soon as Mr. Lee took the podium, there was an enthusiastic reaction from Shinchonji followers.

Mannam is clearly a Shinchonji group itself.

However, the event hosted by Mannam did not outwardly appear religious at all.

The volunteer group Mannam has organized celebrations of national holidays such as Memorial Day and National Liberation Day since 2009.

At the events they raise a Korean flag featuring a large thumbprint, and participants wear shirts featuring the yin-yang symbol of the flag for their parades and performances.

They look like a performance by an honor guard or an arts group.

But that is a trick.

Outwardly it appears to be a sincere organization that holds patriotic events and conveys a message of peace, but in reality it uses its events to create Shinchonji’s ideal world.

[In August, 2009 Lee Man-hui said that] “We are not just distributing a chunk of dirt. The Republic of Korea is one… it is not only the government. We will swallow up all regions.”

The yin-yang symbol they use represents the meeting of heaven and earth under Shinchonji, and the stamps on the faces and arms of the event participants is a means of evengelism.

The seriousness of the problem is that a great many of the event participants register for volunteer activities while unaware of the true nature of Mannam.

Shinchonji uses national celebrations to fill its own treasury, making ordinary citizens into its targets as they are unaware of how Shinchonji pays for its parties.