Policemen go on trial in China political scandal
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Policemen go on trial in China political scandal

BEIJING (AP) — Four police officers have gone on trial on accusations they helped cover up the alleged murder of a British businessman. It is the latest twist in a scandal that has rattled the top levels of China’s political world.


Police officers stand guard at the Hefei City Intermediate People's Court where the murder trial of Gu Kailai, wife of ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai, takes place Thursday Aug. 9, 2012, Pic: AP.

Court official Zhang Li of the Hefei Intermediate People’s Court in eastern Anhui province confirmed Friday that the trial is being held, but could not provide any other details. On Thursday the same court heard murder charges against Gu Kailai, the wife of Bo Xilai, the disgraced former Communist Party boss of Chongqing.

Gu’s trial ended after one day with a court official saying she and her co-defendant had not contested the charges. No verdict was immediately given, but it is expected soon.