Thai, Cambodian troops withdraw from Preah Vihear
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Thai, Cambodian troops withdraw from Preah Vihear

PREAH VIHEAR, Cambodia (AP) — Cambodia and Thailand have withdrawn their troops from a disputed border area to comply with a ruling by the International Court of Justice.


In this 2011 photo a Cambodian police officer, right, stands near the 11th century Hindu Preah Vihear temple, near the disputed border of Cambodia-Thailand. Pic: AP.

Nearly 500 Cambodian troops and an undisclosed number of Thai forces withdrew Wednesday from a demilitarized zone near the 11th-century Preah Vihear temple, which the court awarded to Cambodia in 1962. Thailand accepts that the temple belongs to Cambodia, but both countries lay claim to land around it. The dispute has led to several rounds of armed conflict in recent years.

Last year, the court responded to an appeal from Cambodia by ordering both countries to withdraw their troops completely and simultaneously from the 17.3-square-kilometer (6.7-square-mile) demilitarized zone around the temple.

Both countries will deploy police forces in the demilitarized zone.