SKorea violent crime rate ‘at least twice as high as US’
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SKorea violent crime rate ‘at least twice as high as US’

Original article in Korean is at this link.

The number of violent crimes in our country is now at least double the number in the United States and 12 times the number in Japan, a study has found.

Park Dong-gyun, chairman of the Korean Association for Public Security Administration (한국치안행정학회), said in a conference at the National Police Agency’s great hall that “in 2010 there were 609.2 violent crimes per 10,000 people in our country, significantly more than the figures of 252.3 in the United States and 50.4 in Japan.”

Chairman Park said that “this is the result of the interaction of social factors in our country such as the relatively tolerated drinking [culture] involved in a high number of violent crimes as well as the indulgence of ordinary violent acts… this environment creates a cycle of violence and impedes our development into an advanced nation.”

Jang Jun-oh, chairman of the Korea Criminological Institute (대한범죄학회), said that “from a random sample of 401 murders committed in the 13 years from from 1990 through 2002, we found that 40.9% of the assailants had prior convictions for violent crimes… we need to  raise awareness of the possibility that ordinary violence can lead to more serious crimes.”

Kim Gi-yong, head of the NPA, said that “we plan to begin cracking down seriously on five types of violence: organized crime violence, violence involving intoxication, violence involving extortion, sexual violence, and school violence.”