Poll: Most Australians oppose carbon tax, government
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Poll: Most Australians oppose carbon tax, government

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A poll published a day after Australia introduced a carbon tax says most Australians oppose it and would issue a crushing election defeat to the government that created it.


Smoke bellows out of chimney stacks at BlueScope Steel's steelworks at Port Kembla, south of Sydney, Australia. Pic: AP.

Almost 300 of Australia’s biggest polluters will pay 23 Australian dollars ($24) per metric ton of carbon dioxide they emit under the tax that took effect Sunday.

The poll by market researcher Nielsen found that 66 percent of respondents oppose the tax and only 33 percent support it. It is the lowest support for the greenhouse gas reduction measure since it was announced in February last year.

The poll published in Fairfax Media newspapers on Monday also found 58 percent of respondents would vote for the opposition if an election was held now. National elections are due next year.

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