Eastern Illinois University
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Eastern Illinois University

It’s easy to see why prospective students from Asia are giving Eastern Illinois University so much attention. Of the international students that attend, roughly two-thirds enjoy some type of financial aid. Beyond that, 80 percent land employment within a mere five months of graduating. Careers launched at EIU land students in competitive positions all over the world.

EIU has an impressive faculty-student ratio (1:16), particularly for a public school. This is also one of the most affordable universities in Illinois, and that puts the school in competitive standing around the world as well. Students coming from Asia can capitalize on scholarship opportunities as well.


Pic: Renewable Energy Center.

At the core of Eastern Illinois University campus is Old Main, the university’s iconic castle. This was the first building on campus, completed in 1899 of Indiana limestone. The fact that this stoic, Gothic Revival structure occupies the same campus as the newly built Renewable Energy Center speaks to the equal weighting the university gives to heritage, tradition and forward thinking.


Distinguished faculty, a selective admissions program and impressive rankings make EIU a top choice for Asian students looking to pursue higher education in the United States. U.S. News & World Report classifies Eastern Illinois University as a ‘Masters’ university, as there are no doctoral degrees on offer. With that in mind, the master’s degree programs run through EIU are heavily invested in by the administration and faculty. That’s why EIU is seen as such an excellent school to lay the groundwork for Ph.D. studies.

Regardless of whether they study at the graduate or undergraduate level, students benefit from the school’s well-planned curricula and instruction. The vast majority of the teachers and lecturers – some 72 percent – have doctoral degrees. The university maintains a full roster of degree programs and is particularly well-known for its business, technology and science offerings.


Pic: Association of International Students in the Homecoming Parade

The following is a short overview of the academic departments at Eastern Illinois University:

School of Technology

This is a popular area of study for international students. The undergraduate and graduate programs in Applied Engineering and Technology have particularly strong international followings. At the graduate level, students can focus on Technology Management or Computer Technology.

Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences

The school of business offers bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Finance and Management and Marketing, among others. Alongside this are several Applied Science courses and Military Science minors. Graduate programs include a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences.

College of Education and Professional Studies

Graduates from this college go on to become educators, administrators, athletic trainers and counselors. The school partners with industry players, hospitals and other schools to provide opportunities for students to and to foster a clinically intense curricula.

College or Arts and Humanities

This college has a range of traditional arts and humanities programs available through nine academic departments. The Table Arts Center is regionally important and regularly hosts events, discussions and performance programs.

College of Sciences

Offering degrees in natural sciences, social sciences and mathematics, along with minors in ten disciplines. Graduate students can work toward one of four Master of Arts degrees or a Master of Science for Natural Science teachers.


Pic: Naga Abishek.

School of Continuing Education

This school supports lifelong learning through a variety of outreach programs. The school’s nontraditional Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program targets adult learners.

Graduate School

EIU has 28 master’s degree programs across campus, and more than 1,700 students are enrolled on a full- or part-time basis. The National Science Foundation places the school in the top 5 percent of US schools for Ph.D.-bound grad students.

Student Experience

International students can get involved on campus in several different ways. One of the most innovative is the Honors College, which opened in 1982 and has grown into one of the university’s most distinguished institutes. Class sizes are small, the faculty distinguished and the course offerings represent those of the entire university. The charter group had just over 50 students enrolled, but there are ten times that many in the Honors Program today. Students stay in honors housing and are encouraged to participate in research initiatives, community service and creative activities.


Pic: Friends at a picnic.

But even for those who do not participate in the Honors College, there’s still plenty going on. On-campus housing includes apartments, dormitories and family housing. And getting around is easy thanks to a shuttle bus that stops around campus and town. Sporting facilities, campus-wide wireless Internet and an orientation and assistance program for international students are all made available.

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