4 soliders and 5 policeman killed in attacks in Thailand’s Deep South
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4 soliders and 5 policeman killed in attacks in Thailand’s Deep South


Four Thai soldiers were shot to death at close range Saturday in a brazen daylight attack carried out by suspected Muslim insurgents in Thailand’s violence-prone south. Two soldiers were wounded.

Video footage of the attack in Pattani province was captured by surveillance cameras that authorities have installed throughout Thailand’s three southernmost provinces, where an Islamist insurgency that erupted in 2004 has claimed more than 5,000 lives.

The footage shows pickup trucks tailing a pair of motorbikes that soldiers were riding as they returned from a military patrol to their base.

As the trucks pulled up alongside the motorbikes, armed men opened fire on the soldiers at close range and shot them dead. They then stole their victims’ rifles, which they used to fire at another oncoming security vehicle before fleeing.

Police Col. Kong-att Suwannakha said three motorbikes were attacked in total, each carrying two soldiers. Police were looking for about 15 suspects in connection with the attack but had made no arrests.

The shooting is among several attacks by suspected militants since the Islamic holy month of Ramadan began last week.

A roadside bomb on Wednesday in nearby Yala province killed 5 policemen.

BP: As mentioned the deaths were captured on CCTV as per the below YouTube clip, which has footage from Channel 3’s news (NOTE: Need one point out that the obvious that 4 soldiers are shot in the video so the video has disturbing images):


A screenshot as well:


BP: The soldiers have motorcycles and, well are sitting ducks, whereas the insurgents have nice pick-up trucks and can just kill the soldiers so easily. As AP states, the attack is a brazen one, although the insurgents have the capacity to stage such attacks with relative ease. What are the government’s plans for the Deep South going forward? The current policy has not been working for a while.

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