What you need to study in Australia.
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What you need to study in Australia.


In today’s age, with the increased competition of globalisation and the threat of another global financial crisis, organisations are being increasingly more selective of the employees they hire, only selecting those whom have the highest education levels and advanced levels of industry knowledge.

Australian educational institutions are recognised around the world for their levels of educational standards, as well as a fantastic lifestyle and a welcoming environment for international students. But, STOP! Before you find your dream course, jump on a plane and “head down under” you have to ensure that you organise your student visa.

The Studies in Australia magazine for iPad, has a comprehensive checklist and frequently asked questions that address not only student visas, but also prerequisites, requirements and costs associated with applying for a student visa.

To ensure that no mistakes are made when applying for a student visa, (which can result in wasting hundreds of dollars) it is important that you read through this checklist carefully and thoroughly. Hobsons understands that with the combination of school work, paid work and simply just having fun with friends, spending hours in front of a computer is impractical. Therefore downloading the Studies in Australia eBook is a fantastic way to have all the information with you all the time regardless of where you.

However no matter how detailed a document is there is always one or two further questions that people may have, the Studies in Australia magazine for iPad also contains an online enquiry form that will help to answer any of your questions.