University of Derby Business School
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University of Derby Business School

The University of Derby Business School is a learning institution that encourages careful, thoughtful study and welcomes students to truly engage with the subject matter and achieve all they can in their degree courses and their careers.


Pic: University of Derby Business School

The Accounting and Finance department at the University of Derby Business School offers exceptional programs, through which students will become well-versed in all aspects of these subject areas. The department is ACCA and CIMA accredited, and well-respected in the UK.

The MSc in Accounting and Finance grants successful students master qualification, and helps ready them for the ACCA Professional Level examinations. The University of Derby has a strong reputation when it comes to this degree course, and has been offering it to professionals at all stages of their careers for 30 years.

Faculty teach students based on an approach using theoretical framework and analytical skills, making for a well-balanced experience that will serve graduates well outside the university. This is an international program, so students develop relationships with peers from all over the world while still enjoying small class sizes and personal contact and relationships with instructors.

In addition to learning the essential principles of accounting and finance, students will hone a number of other skills as well. These will include critical thinking, communication, team/group work, leadership, reflection, management and organization.

As to future employment, accountancy graduates often find that there are numerous career opportunities available to them, as accounting skills are needed everywhere from major corporations to small businesses. An accounting degree helps lay the foundation for a stable and successful professional life.

Msc in Accounting and Finance students frequently praise the University of Derby program.

“The academics offered great support in and out of the classroom and were always available and willing to guide me,” said student Raja Waqas Shabbir.


Pic: University of Derby Business School

Because of the ACCA accreditation, which is recognized worldwide, international students are assured that they leave this UK school with a reputable master’s degree and are prepared to sit for the final ACCA exam. International students also have several opportunities to secure scholarships and financial assistance to help cover the cost of their University of Derby education.

A reputable MBA degree is practically a prerequisite for a number of positions, and is becoming an increasingly valuable degree to hold. The theories, strategies and practical experience that are learned from an MBA course can be broadly applied in a number of fields. The Derby Business School MBA is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and is one of the few UK universities to hold such a distinction. MBA students are welcome to study full-time, part-time or online, so the degree program is accessible to all qualified students.

Students interested in the emerging field of leadership coaching will find the Derby Business School MA in Leadership Coaching an attractive option. The program is recognized by the Association for Coaching, and is open to both individuals who wish to become coaches and to experienced managers, leaders, HR practitioners and professionals who want to become more effective leaders within their own workplaces. This is a part-time degree course, conducted through two-day workshops on Fridays and Saturdays and through online learning.

The Derby Business School also offers several programs in the Human Resources discipline. These include an Msc in Human Resource Management and a CIPD Approved Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

The Msc in Marketing degree is a program that is set within the framework of a global mindset and teaches students how to approach and consider consumer decision making, marketing communications, branding, and the satisfaction of customer requirements. There is very much an emphasis on real world application, rather than resting solely on marketing theories.

There are also a number of business and management courses offered at Derby, including the following full-time degree programs: MA in Management, MSc in International Business, and an MSc in International Business and Finance. There is also a part-time degree in Business and Payroll Management, and an online course for a Msc degree in Strategic Management.


Pic: University of Derby Business School

Postgraduate students often work together on projects, thereby learning how to manage different personalities and working styles, something that they will undoubtedly encounter in their business careers.

“I really enjoyed working with other students on the tasks and that was a fantastic opportunity to learn from them and see the world from a different perspective,” said student Justyna Zgodka.

The MA in Marketing and Media teaches degree candidates how these two fields complement and influence one another, and is geared toward preparing graduates for management positions.

The University of Derby has an advantageous location, only a short 90-minute train ride from London. Students can easily access all of the cultural and professional opportunities of the city, and international students will have the chance to explore one of the most famous and significant financial centers on the planet.

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