Thai police arrest suspect in Australian’s killing
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Thai police arrest suspect in Australian’s killing

BANGKOK (AP) — Police have arrested a Thai suspect in the murder of an Australian woman who was killed on a Thai resort island by a man who stabbed her in a struggle to steal her bag.

Police said Surin Tadthong was arrested Monday outside Bangkok where he is believed to have fled after last Thursday’s murder of 60-year-old Michelle Elizabeth Smith.

Surveillance footage shows Smith walking down a Phuket street when two men passed by on a motorcycle. The man on the backseat jumped off and tried to steal her bag, repeatedly stabbing her when she resisted.

Police Lt. Col Boonlert Ongklang said Surin, a 37-year-old mechanic who lives in Phuket, was suspected to have driven a motorcycle. He said police were still searching for the attacker.

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