Why This Kolaveri Di : Piracy and the Hypocrisy #IndiaBlocks
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Why This Kolaveri Di : Piracy and the Hypocrisy #IndiaBlocks

India is proposing to establish a UN sponsored net nanny organization. This proposal –  if goes through and I really hope it doesn’t – will allow a coterie of countries to decide what goes and what doesn’t on the Internet. There was a lone sane voice which came out from the Upper house of the parliament. MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar has written a letter to the Prime Minister to change the government’s stand on being a Net Nanny. This gutsy MP happens to be an Independent.

While this is taking place at its own pace, a movie production company (not sure if they do something else too) has obtained John Doe orders to block torrent and video sites. The list of sites blocked is exhaustive and I have talked about it in my column at Tech Wire Asia, our group’s Tech blog. Copyright Labs happens to be producer of two recently released movies.

The two movies in question are 3 a Tamil movie and Dammu which as the blogs are pointing out isn’t a Tamil movie but a Telugu movie. There is a Tamil version of the same movie by name Singamagan. But that’s just a slight deviation of the topic. Not really important. What’s really important to note is that the ban is acquired by the producers of the movie 3.

It’s the same movie which has released the now popular song and a social media sensation, Kolaveri Di. No body knows why that song was an Internet sensation which mutated into various videos and interpretations across the world The video released was an official video by the way and reportedly some amount of money was minted with that digital release. It has some 55 million page views thus far. Turns out the movie wasn’t such a blockbuster. Far from it, it’s a flop.

Given this background and tasting the success through digital media, it is hard to understand why the producers of a movie embraced digital media few months back only to alienate it later. That too for a flop movie. What do you call it : Irony or Hypocrisy?

Or should we ask, Why this, Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Di

Sounds strange but for some movies piracy could bring in a fresh lease of life. 3 the movie could probably use some piracy love. No?