Accusations fly as SKorea Buddhist monk scandal deepens
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Accusations fly as SKorea Buddhist monk scandal deepens

Accusations are flying wild in the world of Korean Buddhism right now.

Speaking with the MBC Radio program 손석희의 시선집중 on the 15th , the Ven. Seongho alleged that the Ven. Jaseung, the head of the Jogye Order, attempted to engage in prostitution and discussed other secrets of the Order.

That same day the Ven. Jaseung responded in a press release, asked prosecutors to indict the Ven. Seongho for defamation and also accused him of trying to sexually assault a female monk in 2004.

The Jogye Order published a document alleging that on December 25, 2004, the Ven. Seongho attempted to sexually assault the female monk in a temple, assaulted both her and her mother when they restrained him, and then fled. The monk’s mother spent the next six years in poor health and died, and the monk herself suffered injuries that included a ruptured small intestine as well as mental trauma, the Order said.

Also, the Ven. Seongho used funds from the Geumdang-sa temple to purchase an imported luxury automobile and caused injuries to temple employees. A court case over those allegations is underway.

The Ven. Jeongnyeom, the Order’s constitutional head, will appear on the same radio program on the 16th.

On the 15th the Ven. Seongho also said that prosecutors have already investigated him as the complaining witness, that he has “much more to say”, and that there will soon be a “war” between the two sides following the gambling rumors which began the whole affair.