Lady Gaga angers Thai fans with fake Rolex comment
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Lady Gaga angers Thai fans with fake Rolex comment

BANGKOK (AP) — Lady Gaga wants to go shopping in Bangkok — for a fake Rolex.


Lady Gaga arrives at Don Muang airport in Bangkok, Thailand Wednesday. Pic: AP.

The singer made the comment to her 24 million Twitter followers, sparking an online uproar Thursday as some Thai fans called it offensive, insulting and bad for the country’s image.

It’s the latest publicity-making turn of events as “The Born This Way Ball” travels through Asia.

Lady Gaga’s provocative lyrics and costumes have angered Catholic groups in South Korea and the Philippines and Islamists in Indonesia, where the show may be banned.

Now she is stirring nationalist fervor in Thailand, where people often get upset when the country’s seedy underworld is highlighted by outsiders.

Lady Gaga posted her comment after arriving Wednesday in Bangkok ahead of Friday’s show.

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