International Hotel School student flash mob surprises Indaba 2012
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International Hotel School student flash mob surprises Indaba 2012


On Saturday 12th May, The International Hotel School and Three Cities staged a flash mob at Africa’s top travel show, the Tourism Indaba 2012, hijacking the open floor in front of their stand and drawing quite a crowd when “Absolutely Everybody” started blaring from the speakers.

The guys and girls waiting outside the ICC.

The idea was inspired by Three Cities, who recruited IHS students to do something fun and different, that would make an impact at the kickoff of Indaba 2012.

And what a show!

Students hijacked the floor and wowed Indaba guests with their moves, ending with a grand finale, throwing brightly coloured beach balls into the crowd. A few people in the crowd got involved and threw them back, starting an impromptu game of volleyball mid-flash mob!

Act like nothing happened

IHS students from left to right: Precious Mtolo, Zamazulu Makaula, Bongiwe Thusi, Ntokozo Ngcobo, Noxolo Mathe, Amanda Mazibuko, Sinenhlanhla Maseko.

The students were bussed in and sneaked into the ICC under the guise of International Hotel School delegates.

Excitement was high, with everyone looking forward to their five minutes of fame, as well as what security would do!

All first-time flash mobbers, the students were apprehensive of Indaba’s tight security measures. Although, said one student, “I’m excited about going to jail for the first time!” Hopefully they were being sarcastic…

Luckily the flash mob happened so quickly that no-one knew quite how to react. The plan was for students to quickly disperse into the crowd, pretending like nothing had happened, and hoping like hell that they weren’t ‘detained’.

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Mum’s the word

The guys and girls had three weeks to learn the choreographed routine, fitting in practices after classes and work, all while keeping the exercise TOP SECRET. They were told it was a dance for a big event, but not that the event was Indaba 2012.

David the gymnast was recruited to create the initial diversion with flic flacs across the floor as the music started. He was feeling hyped but nervous as IHS snuck him into the ICC.

Speaking with Shanelle Mahaden and Samir Ramdiar after the flash mob, they said it was an adrenaline rush! Rehearsals were more playful, but the energy was high during the actual performance. They had been waiting by another stand, acting like they didn’t know what was going on, before rushing onto the ‘dance floor’.

The general consensus was that it was a lot of fun and the students would love to do it again. Who knows, maybe later this year…

If you missed it, here’s the official video:

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International Hotel School student flash mob surprises Indaba 2012