Burma: Travels on the Ayerwaddy river
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Burma: Travels on the Ayerwaddy river

The Ayerwaddy river is the major water source in Burma (Myanmar) and winds and twists through the country from north to south for 2000 kilometres.

For many visitors to the country a trip on part of the river has become a highlight. Not only is there splendid scenery to behold but it’s a chance to get in contact with villages along the river banks and take part in a unique form of Burma transport. It’s also very relaxing and while not superbly comfortable you can walk around the decks, get food, read a book and even get off from time to time – in all a great way to travel.


River transport on the Ayerwaddy. Pic: Joanne Lane, www.visitedplanet.com

Overnight trips

It’s possible to sleep deck class with the locals on overnight trips but while this is a cheap way to go it can get very cold. You will definitely need to bring a blanket and have something else underneath you. Sleeping arrangements are very tight and there is little room. Cabins, which are usually shared with one other person, are a much more comfortable option.

What to take

Food and water is sold on board, plus you can buy more things in the village stops and from passing boats along the way, so there is no real need to bring anything with you unless there are particular foods and snacks you want.

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