Burma: New deal to end fighting with Shan rebels
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Burma: New deal to end fighting with Shan rebels

KENGTUNG, Burma (AP) — A Burma negotiator says ethnic Shan rebels have agreed in a second round of talks that there will be no more fighting between the guerrillas and government troops.

It is the latest reported agreement between Burma’s new reform-minded government and various ethnic rebels.

Negotiator Aung Min said that Shan State Army (South) leader Yawd Serk discussed enforcing a December cease-fire and eradicating drugs in eastern Burma.

He told reporters Saturday night in Shan State’s capital, Kengtung, that recent clashes were a result of misunderstanding over the firing of warning shots.

Burma President Thein Sein’s government has reached cease-fires with several ethnic rebel groups, but fierce fighting continues with the Kachin minority in northern Burma.