Apple’s ‘Slide-To-Unlock’ Function Gets Turned Into An Addictive Game
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Apple’s ‘Slide-To-Unlock’ Function Gets Turned Into An Addictive Game

If you are using an Apple product, you should be familiar with your device’s slide-to-unlock function.

App developers The Falcon Initiative have come up with an addictive new iOS game based on the iconic sliding feature of Apple—like Audi’s iPad magazine ad.

Simply called ‘Slide’, it is a game of fastest fingers.

Players are required to slide to unlock in the stated direction as quickly as possible to receive points and achievements—which they can brag about to friends on Facebook, Twitter and other Game Center platforms.

Think it’s simple? The other gameplay levels become increasingly difficult, requiring players to slide in different directions!

Go ahead and download the free app, but be prepared to waste a few productive hours of your day!

The game is currently available for download in Apple’s iTunes Store.

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