What The First 4 Million Decimals Of ‘Pi’ Look Like As Pixel Art
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What The First 4 Million Decimals Of ‘Pi’ Look Like As Pixel Art

New York designers TWO-N have represented the first 4,000,000 decimals of the number Pi (π) as pixels.

In the data visualization ‘4 Million Digits of π’, the numbers 0 to 9 were each assigned a different color, and were rendered as 1×1-pixel dots that correspond to the order of the decimals.

The Pi pixel art was created in homage to the mathematicians, Shigeru Kondo and Alexander Yee, who spent 371 days last year, calculating the value of Pi of up to 10 trillionth digit—smashing the world record.

“‘4 Million Digits of π’ is a tongue-in-cheek take on the more serious work we are doing at TWO-N,” Hermann Zscheigner of TWO-N told Fast Co. Design. “We are engaged in visualizing vast amounts of data everyday and developing graphic means to quickly grasp big data sets.”

“Being math geeks, we felt it was important to honor Shigeru Kondo’s work somehow, and visualizing at least a subset of the 10 trillion decimals he computer seemed like a fun thing to do.”

This is probably the only art piece that math geeks can truly appreciate?

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