Welcome to Gothenburg
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Welcome to Gothenburg

Picture post!
/>This will sound funny, but I swear it is true. I had my braces removed (after 3 years of wearing them on my lower teeth) and now I have to wear a plastic version of them to keep my teeth from moving again. It hurts, it is annoying and I am not supposed to take it of. I deal with it by screaming every now and then and producing sounds like a cat whose tail is stuck somewhere. But the funny part is – since my mouth hurt I am too lazy to write a lot of text in this post. I know, I know, what does not being able to speak has to do with writing? Nothing really, but I just cannot focus enough to create a readable sentence.

Enjoy the pics, I have put map tags on them so you can see where in the city they were taken. I guess for those who are coming it is nice to see a little bit of the place. I stopped after 2 hours of browsing through the pictures, I have 500GB of photographs from August 2010 till now – all from Sweden and student trips. Too much material :)


Centralstationen, night picture (August, 8pm)

CIMG3013  One of the first “big” views of Gbg, made from Skansen Kronan


 Another panorama, this time from Masthuggsberget 


Another view of the city from a hill, this time other side of the river Ramberget 


You’ll walk down this Vasagatan street a lot: it connects Avenyn with Haga.


I didn’t include pics from Haga here, but this is another area you should (and will) often visit as a student – Andra Långgatan


Near the famous Fish church you can find the Språk Cafe, Pustervik and some

important offices (especially if you are interested in learning Swedish / SFI)


And if you are tired of the city streets, just pick a park out of many in and outside of Goteborg.


Museum entrance in Slotsskogen park.


Or maybe a Botanic garden instead of “just” a park. Or the other one across the Stora theater.


My personal favorite – unnamed park


Big free zoo on top of the Slottsskogen park.


You could always visit a lake as well.


But, of course don’t forget that you are supposed to study as well :) Home sweet home and last year’s Cortege. I was really excited for it since 30th of April is my birthday! What can I say, the whole city celebrated it ;)






Happy end of April :***