Opinion: Vietnam faces disheartening reality as war anniversary looms
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Opinion: Vietnam faces disheartening reality as war anniversary looms

Under Communist leadership, Vietnam has failed to make its mark on the world. The new Vietnam needs to focus on the future. 


Ho Chi Minh, the Revolutionary leader that fought to reunite Vietnam, is regarded as the founding father of modern day Vietnam. The country will mark the 37th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam, or "American," war, on April 30. Pic: AP

April 30, 1975, holds great significance for the Vietnamese. For some, it is the day when their country was lost. For others it is the day when their country, once divided between North and South, was finally reunited.

For them, April 30 is a date to be celebrated. Ultimately, however, it is the day when Saigon fell to the Communists, and Vietnam and her citizens were forever changed. In wars there are winners and losers; and for those loyal to the government of South Vietnam or opposed the Communist regime, they were the defeated, forced to flee and settle abroad.

Yet, in an ironic twist of fate, these refugees have by and large succeeded in integrating into their new community and rebuilt their lives.

Conversely, those who remained behind, willingly or unwillingly, were subject to poverty and poor leadership of a single-party state.

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