SKorea: Jang Ja-yeon scandal revived?
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SKorea: Jang Ja-yeon scandal revived?

As you may recall from the fallout of the suicide of Jang Ja-yeon several years ago, it came out that Jang was likely forced into the sexual service to powerful men in the entertainment industry. Despite vociferous speculation and even evidence of such crimes, little came out of it legally. This week, however, has seen the return of scandals over forced sex in the entertainment industry – this time with actual arrests.

Original article in Korean is at this link.

On the 13th the Kangnam Police Station in Seoul arrested Mr. Jang, a representative of the talent agency Open World Entertainment, on charges of sexually assaulting trainees in the agency.

Ui Hyeon-seok, who is in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central Distict Court, explained the issuance of the arrest warrant. “If a crime was committed then the worry is that the evidence may be destroyed.”

According to police, Mr. Jang is accused of sexually assaulting six trainees. Two of them are minors.

On the 10th police seized security camera footage from Mr. Jang’s office in Cheongdam-dong as well as his cellphone and camera. They are attempting to confirm that trainees’ statement that “Mr. Jang said he was going to allow the members of a boy band to also sexually assault us.”

Mr. Jang’s company is a large talent agency that recently signed a dance group attempting a comeback. It has recently been involved with the Korean Wave in various ways and is quite influential.

The Chosun Ilbo reports that former members of a girl group are coming out to say that they, too, were forced to have sex with Mr. Jang. The Herald Kyoungjae reports that a 38-year-old male singer has also been arrested in connection with the case.

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