Queen’s MBA Student reflections
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Queen’s MBA Student reflections

Yan Jun Wong is a Queen’s MBA candidate for the Class of 2012, which began May 2011. Prior to joining the Queen’s MBA Program, Yan Jun had been working for the Central Provident Fund Board for the Government of Singapore.

Yan-Jun-174x262  To be honest, relocating halfway round the globe from Singapore to Kingston, ON Canada was never an easy decision, especially when my wife was making good progress in her career and my child had just turned one. However, the opportunity to immerse in one of the top MBA programs in the world was just too good to be missed. And it turned out to be the best decision of my life.

The past one year at Queen’s Full-time MBA has been amazing. I expected a solid business education that would position me for accelerated career progression when I return to Singapore and I ended up with much more. The crown jewel of the program has to be its emphasis on teams. As the famous saying goes, no man is an island. Anyone who has worked in the corporate world will testify to this. Here in Queen’s Full-time MBA, I was placed in a team which was carefully put together to ensure diversity in personality, educational background, professional experience etc. Countless battles were fought both with and within this same team. The experience was priceless. I learnt how to be a much better team leader and team player, by making mistakes and learning from others in an extremely safe environment. The icing on the cake was the invaluable guidance offered by my committed Team Coach who added value by providing impartial perspectives, a luxury that I will not enjoy when I plunge back to the corporate world.

That was not all. Here at Queen’s, I had access to a personal coach who worked with me on teething issues that have plagued me for a long time e.g. maintaining work-life harmony. In addition, my family and I got to enjoy a full spectrum of signature Canadian activities such as ice skating through the Fit to Lead™ program. Through this same unique program, I also learnt lifelong fitness skills such as proper running strides that would keep me in good shape to lead in the days to come. Last but not least, my family and I will round up our one-year adventure with an exchange to WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany.

If you told me a year ago that I would accomplish all this within one year, I would have thought that you were crazy. Looking back, if I knew what I know today about the program, I would never have hesitated in making the decision to come to Queen’s.