Philips 20-Year LED Lightbulb Goes On Sale
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Philips 20-Year LED Lightbulb Goes On Sale

A super-energy-saving LED bulb from Dutch electronics giant Philips, which can last over 20 years has gone on sale on Sunday, in line with Earth day.

Its initial price tag of US$ 60 has now been reduced to US$ 50.

The 10-watt LED bulb, which won the US Department of Energy’s “Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize”, is deemed as an efficient alternative to the standard 60-watt incandescent bulb and can last for 30, 000 hours—more than 2 years.

But its steep price has been met with criticism. According to Treehugger, incandescent lightbulbs and Compact-Fluorescent bulbs already in the market retail for around $ 5 and can last for 10, 000 hours.

But Philips said energy savings of $ 165 over its lifetime could easily offset the price.

Would you get it?

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