Making a report
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Making a report

Unexpected post about reporting a crime in Sweden.

To cut the long story short, I was supposed to receive my Chalmers Master card from the Handelsbank today. My old card stopped working physically, and I needed a new one. They said I will receive the card on one day and PIN code the next one. However I got both letters at the same time, this morning. 

Needles to say, something went wrong, so my letter with the mastercard was competely open. And by that I mean CUT on top, not unglued. Everything was in it, contract, information, the card, but still… My guess is that they delivered it to a wrong person who opened the letter without thinking and then put it back in my mailbox. But if so, they should have written something. I don’t know.

First thing I did was to call Posten – the postal service in Sweden that is responsible for delivering all the letters and packages. I was not sure if maybe they opened the letter checking out what is inside (it is a strange thing to think, but I was in a state of shock at the beginning). They have an English part at the website with the contact information on it. However, the answering machine is in Swedish, and boy was I glad that I can understand it. Trust me, there is nothing more irritating than when you are in a hurry and something like this happens and you cannot talk to the people who are supposed to help. I made a complaint with them once I finally got through – of course there would be a queue. 

The girl from the Post couldn’t really help me. She said that it should not have happened and that I should report it to the Police and the Bank. So I did. 

In any case, I had to cancel the card (again) and now I am waiting for a new one (again). It is too risky to keep the card when someone was able to get all the data about it. That canceling part was easy, since I already talked with the bank a couple of times before (first time I did it was one month into my stay in Göteborg and I had so much trouble understanding the machine voice). They also have a lovely option of leaving the number so that when an operator is free he or she will call you. 

Calling the police felt awkward. This is the second time I did it in my life, first being when my house was robbed back at home. If you wish to make a report of a crime that happened here is the link. Again, you call, answering machine is in Swedish, lovely personel in English. I had to leave my data (personal number, confirm the name and address) and explain what happened. In 5 working days I will receive a report about the crime that I can use if somebody tries to pay with my creditcard. It was really fast and easy to speak with the woman who answered. And I must say that this time there was no queue and I got in touch with an officer immediately. 


To sum up, if you need to report something over the phone in Sweden – have a Swedish person standing nearby or learn basic Swedish in order to understand the answering machines. You can also send emails, but if you are in a hurry I would advise against that. After getting through to the real person it will be easy to explain what has happened and they can advise you about the next steps. The contact information is always available on the websites and they usually have an english page as well.

Hopefully, you won’t have to do any of these things I dealt with this morning, but you never know.