International University of Monaco MBA
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International University of Monaco MBA

There are few places on the earth like Monaco. This European principality may be small, but it packs a powerful financial punch. Synonymous with the luxury of the Riviera, this resort destination has attracted executives on holiday for decades.

But life in Monaco is about more than surf, sand and five-star pampering. This tax haven is a breeding ground for financial success, and as a result, well over 4,500 companies have made their home here. Many of these are subsidiaries of key international players, and more than 100 nationalities are represented among the citizens of this city state.


International University of Monaco MBA. Pic: AP.

With its palaces, terraces and world-famous casino, Monaco also has a knack for blurring the line between reality and fantasy. In the 1950s, when Hollywood starlet Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier, the entire world tuned in. But as tempting as it is to wax sentimental about life here, this is not a land of fairy tales. On the contrary, for the thousands of business executives who have set their sights on the principality, it is a land of pragmatic possibility.

Against this international backdrop, and with so much opportunity to launch new business initiative or network your way to existing ones, it comes as no surprise that so many international MBA students are attracted to Monaco. No other city on the planet so elegantly captures the extremes of the executive lifestyle. And in this small but formidable city state, the MBA program at the International University of Monaco is leading the way.

International Rankings
The Monaco MBA receives regular praise from international ranking agencies. It’s AMBA-accredited and listed as one of the planet’s top-50 MBAs by CNN Expansion. The program has also been recognized by The Economist as a top-100 MBA program since 2003.

Given these competitive rankings and the fact that the Monaco MBA offers one of the highest job placement rates for graduates of any MBA program in the world, it’s easy to see why international students are so eager to enroll.

IUM is a full-service business school with a range of bachelor’s and master’s degree courses on offer. On the MBA front, the school has one core offering, with a couple of variations behind it. Most of the MBA students are enrolled in the full-time MBA program, which takes 10 months to complete; however, there is also a preparatory course available. Beyond this, the MBA coursework has been repackaged into a distance learning program that executives can complete in two years without taking time off from their careers.


Pic: International University of Monaco.

These are the three MBA programs on offer at IUM:

Many MBA programs neglect the importance of laying the foundation of the degree before actually undertaking the coursework. This is especially relevant to students crossing over from other professional arenas into the realm of business administration. For students in this situation, the methodology, terminology and key business concepts associated with an MBA may feel foreign or even overwhelming.

IUM’s pre-MBA program provides students with the fundamentals they will need to succeed down the road. Students are introduced to subject matter that they will face in the course of their MBA studies, with attention given to analyzing case studies, communicating ideas in a cross-cultural context and understanding management theory.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Monaco’s core MBA program takes 10 months to complete. It’s hosted in a dynamic multicultural environment that boasts one of the most internationally diverse student bodies of any MBA program in the world. Diversity of this caliber is part of what makes the Monaco MBA so attractive to international students from Asia. During their time here, students learn as much about business administration and leadership as they do about communicating, networking and cooperating across cultural lines.

The Monaco MBA offers a multidisciplinary curriculum that integrates management practice and theory. Students learn through a variety of avenues, including lectures, case studies, readings and business simulations. They also benefit from a favorable teacher-to-student ratio and a faculty that is comprised of 90 percent PhD-holders.

Executive MBA Online
The Executive MBA program is one of the newer offerings at IMU. It was born out of the traditional MBA program in 2003 and has gone on to significant accolades. Its online component took shape shortly after its inception.

The award-winning eCampus is an interactive environment that allows students to come together to collaborate on projects, discuss problems and share experiences. It incorporates chat and e-mail functions with elements of social networking to foster a multi-dimensional approach to distance learning. Through this online interface, you’ll engage in interactive multimedia activities, webinars, group work and case studies.

A remote setup like this is especially attractive to ambitious and highly motivated individuals seeking to expand their professional options without walking away from their careers. In fact, it’s specifically tailored for those with at least seven years of professional experience behind them.

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