Infographic: Imagine The World Without Facebook
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Infographic: Imagine The World Without Facebook

In this modern digital world, we’re all hooked to social media. What would you do if there were no Facebook and Twitter?

Digital marketing company SingleGrain has reimagined a world without Facebook.

In the infographic that it created, called ‘A World Without Facebook’, looks at the site’s integration into people’s lives and how big a role it plays and what we’d do without it.

“Since Facebook’s launch in 2004, it’s growth has been incredible. The site has woven itself into our lives, for better or for worse, creating 770 billion page views per month,” SingleGrain wrote about the infographic.

According to the infographic, men and women aged 18 to 34 from USA would be most affected if there were no Facebook.

The average user spends 23 minutes on each visit to Facebook.

So if there were no Facebook, how do people send a cool picture to their friends; how do people show off that they went to an awesome party the night before; and how do people arrange for a little get-together?

The infographic lists the ‘old-school’ ways that were ‘so last decade’ of IM, calling, and talking about things.

But now with the availability of Facebook, people just post pictures on their friends’ Facebook walls, upload photos or updates of the awesome parties, and create Facebook events.

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Click to view full infographic

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