India: Government jobs back in vogue
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India: Government jobs back in vogue

There was a time when all the graduates in India dreamed about just one thing: A government job. A groom with a government job is worthier than a groom without one. In fact, no one’s really a groom until he has a government job. Looks like those times are back. The only difference between then and now is the alternate private sector which is available now which was almost non-existent then.

A new email survey done by with a sample size of 2000 people reveals some interesting choices. Given a choice, non-IT students prefer a government job in a Public Sector Unit (PSU) or would like to work for the government. Among engineers from non-IT streams, DRDO came out as a first choice.

India has successfully tested Agni V, an inter-continental ballistic missile, which can reach many parts of China. The range as per India is 5000 kms and China thinks that Agni V might have a greater reach. DRDO is the research unit of India’s defense sector and is the key driver of the launch. I hope there isn’t a undue influence of India’s launch of Agni V on this survey.

That government jobs are in vogue doesn’t mean that the traditional IT companies are not in vogue. The demand for postitions at IT companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro and IBM still continues. Infosys and IBM are the top choices for both engineering and non-engineering students.

Non-engineering graduates chose Infosys and Wipro above other companies. Engineering students chose IBM over Infosys, TCS, Wipro and Accenture.

There is a reason why many prefer government jobs. They are untouched by recession and the vagaries of global economy. After the revised pay scales the salaries of many government jobs have come on par with IT salaries. In fact IT salaries are nothing but hype created by a coterie of people who never knew what they were doing. If anyone goes up the ladder in a government job the perks that follow are unmatchable to any other similar jobs in the private sector.

If given a choice, I would have preferred a government job too.


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