In New Ad Campaign, Skype Slams Twitter, Facebook
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In New Ad Campaign, Skype Slams Twitter, Facebook

In its new international branding campaign, Skype slams social-networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

The US$ 12 million campaign, called ‘It’s Time For Skype’ and created by agency Pereira & O’Dell, features outdoor print ads and an online campaign.

The print ads feature taglines that go against Twitter and Facebook’s functions, such as “140 characters doesn’t equal staying in touch” and “when did lol replace the sound of laughter”.

Justin Cox, senior strategic planner at Pereira & O’Dell, told Fast Co. Create that Skype is the brand that enriches connections between people.

“We’ve become so reliant on technology to connect us in various ways that we now expect more from technology and social media and less of each other as people,” he said.

“We edit and ‘delete’ ourselves. We bring social networking into the boardroom and email to the dinner table. We favor frequency of communication over depth of conversation. Suddenly we find ourselves at a point where communication is easier than ever, but far less human.”

Are you guilty of not communicating ‘face-to-face’?

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