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Göteborg on Instagram


I am everywhere! Literally there is no place left on internet that I am not signed up to – Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, Google+ and now Instagram! Reason behind downloading the app is my friends, of course. They have a new term for me GESTER – geek + hipster. If you think about it for a while, it is not such a strange combination after all. I have traits of both, hopefully the best from each, not the worst :)

I am mentioning Instagram since it is the easiest way to follow me/Göteborg student life. I am so obsessed by it (at the moment), that I would post almost every little thing while playing with those filters. If you have the app you can follow me as charliebaggins or on twitter where most of these ends up anyway. Let’s see what I did thus far:


This was the first post – Oscar Fredriks Kyrkan (if I did this right, it should point out where the building is located in Göteborg).


Next is a picture over one of the bridges across Göta Älv.  It is also a view from the building I will use for my master thesis, one of the reasons I picked the building in the first place. 




Then there are three pictures from a trip to Denmark: a famous library extension, cool student housing and the new opera building. I had these in my phone and was wondering how would they look with Instagram. I am quite happy with the result.


This one is also from the trip to Denmark with Nordic architecture course held in my first year of Master studies. It was really nice, since Chalmers paid for the trip and we just needed to pay for the accommodation and food. I don’t think I would have had chance to do a trip around entire Denmark if it hadn’t been for this course. Not to mention how cool it is to listen about the architecture from Claes Caldenby. I adore the passion he has for architecture and how he speaks about it.


This is a picture from tonight’s fika with my Brazilian friend I mention so often. I am sure you will see a lot of these in the future, maybe not on the blog but definitely on Instagram. Tonight we went to Le Pain Francais – one of the best places to have a sandwich or a muffin, sit in comfy surroundings and still pay reasonable amount of money: chocolate muffin + tea was 50 SEK. 


Finally, we come to the end. This is me packing for tomorrow. I am going home for some personal reasons which also means I won’t be able to finish my thesis on time. And that means you will hear for me, on this blog, at least till January. It also means that you will soon hear details about extending your student visa. 

What I can say thus far is: people at Chalmers were very helpful and supportive of my decision and situation. From my examiner to the program coordinator, they are all helping me out with this. And I appreciate it a lot. A big shout out for all the lovely people at University!!! 

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I get super excited before every trip and just become this ball of strange behaviour. I forget where I put stuff, what I wanted to pack (even with a list) and I start being clumsy (broke the ceiling lamp today while taking the suitcase down, luckily insurance company covers that sort of things). These things on my bed have been there since this morning. And they still are – I am writing this post instead of putting them to the suitcase. 


  But there is really no point in prolonging the inevitable. I must pack and that is it. Here is what I am listening to at the moment, one of personal favorites when it comes to Swedish music. 


p.s. I have no clue what is happening when I post here – font is changing on its own, size as well, pictures grow and shrink as they wish. strange…