Four countries in ten days–my travelling story during Easter!
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Four countries in ten days–my travelling story during Easter!

Germany–nice people and food. About Koln, comparing with showing the pictures, I am more insterested at sharing the story of nice people there, which made me feel warm each time I shared it with friends!
/>  One story is about asking for the way to our hostel. Our GPS didn’t work when we were very close to the hostel, and we had to get off the car and ask local people. As the weather then was not good–cold and rainy, there were quite few people in the street. I felt so happy when 20 minutes later I saw an old grandpa. I showed him the name of the hostel and asked him where it was. Unfortunately, he couldn’t speak English, though he figured out that I was asking the way. Then he pointed a direction and used his body language to show to turn right or left, while describing in very fast German to me. I was a little bit confused but tried to follow. He smiled with his beautiful white teeth, patted me on my shoulder and said something, which I guessed was “don’t worry, it’s just there, girl”. Maybe he knew that I didn’t understand, and he waited with me for a while until we met another woman, who could speak a little English. Problem solved soon! I was so moved at that time! It was a pity that I didn’t have my camera with me at that time, otherwise I would take a picture of this nice man. Wish you a healthy body and long life– unknown, kindhearted grandpa!

  The Second story is about police man—Don’t misunderstood us, we didn’t do something illegal. We had a little accident when we came out from the hostel next morning—we hit one of our car on a pillar, and the backlight was slightly chafed. According to the rent rule, we should report to the car renting company in Brussel to get the insurance. However, our telephone didn’t work. We stopped at a gas station and expected a public phone in the convenience shop there, but no public phones were offered there. Coincidently, I met a police woman in the shop. Overhearing our conversation, she asked me if I needed help. Then, she took out her mobile phone and tried to call the company for us, but she also didn’t manage to make it. Then she told us, she could make a certificate for us and gave us a document showing what happened to our car! Actually, I think these were not within her responsibility, but she just did it for us foreigners!



Our car hit the pillar

/>Next to the Rhine

/>Cologne Cathedral in the night—mysterious and sacred



About Koln, we had great barbecue, typical beer in the bar next to Rhnie, and Haxe, and stories about nice people. I was very satisfied with it!