Facebook Introduces New Instagram Filters
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Facebook Introduces New Instagram Filters

As you’ve probably heard, Facebook bought Instagram for US$ 1 billion earlier this week.

As expected, changes were in store for the photo-sharing app.

Well, for its first move Facebook has introduced new Instagram filters.

These filters include:

‘Le Swan’ (that changes faces into ‘Duckfaces’);

‘X-Bro’ (that adds an ‘up yours’ hand gesture to your photos);

‘Reflection’ (that changes your photo into a bathroom-mirror shot);

‘Highbrow’ (that changes your photo’s background into a different location);

‘Flaunt’ (that focuses only on your voluptuous features);

‘Bronzed’ (that gives you a tan);

and ‘Amore’ (that adds a guy giving you a kiss).

Just kidding! The entire photoshopped series is a joke by Cool Material.

[via Cool Material]
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