Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries, Scotland
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Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries, Scotland

The Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries has an international reputation as a creative centre where blossoming artists can learn, grow and showcase their talents and skills.


Pic: Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries, Scotland

Edinburgh Napier provides students with state-of-the-art facilities that they can use to practice and perfect their skills. The School of Arts and Creative Industries offers programs in Art Design and Communication, Journalism and Publishing, English and Acting, Music, and Photography and Film.

The Art, Design and Communication concentration includes five undergraduate and three graduate programmes. This is a dynamic and hands-on course experience, bolstered by high-quality Mac and PC labs where students can work on projects, as well as creative studio spaces where learning happens.

Undergraduate students in the programme can take advantage of an overseas study component that allows them to spend time at one of Edinburgh Napier’s partner institutes in Europe, North America, Asia or Australia. Graduates of the Art, Design and Communication programme often go on to present their work at the New Blood and New Designers shows in London.

Courses in the undergraduate Art, Design and Communication programme include Communication, Advertising and PR, Design and Digital Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, and Product Design.

Postgraduate courses in the Art, Design and Communication programme include Master of Arts and Master of Design degrees in Lighting Design, Interaction Design, Interior Architecture, Urbanism, Sustainability, and Digital Arts.

Students in the English and Acting programme have the opportunity to study under skilled instructors and come out with a world-class perspective on literature, theatre and film.


Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries, Scotland

“Our teachers show us how to link the problems of the past with the problems of today,” said English student Signe Rudovica. “Not once, since beginning my course, have I doubted my choice and the University staff have always been very helpful.”

The English and Acting programme courses include Bachelor of Arts degrees in English, English and Film, Acting for Stage and Screen, and English and Acting.

English and Film student Kevin Griffin praised the “unwavering support from friendly and enthusiastic lecturers’ and extra-curricular activities with which to boost your employability skills, such as ‘In Other Words’, the new online magazine, edited by students.”

English student Paola Grieco spoke to the growth environment provided by the school.

“In my job I cannot describe the sense of achievement I feel. Becoming a mature student is not an easy option,” he said. “It is a big commitment, but those of us who take the risk find it rewarding and satisfying.”

The Journalism and Publishing programme at Edinburgh Napier prepares students to take on the challenges of the publishing industry through innovative and hands-on experience. The school maintains worldwide partnerships that allow students to gain knowledge from seasoned professionals and cultivate their interests and identities as writers and future members of the global publishing community.

The school offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, as well as Master of Arts degrees in Creative Writing, Journalism, and International Journalism for Media Professionals. There are also Master of Science degrees in Magazine Publishing and Publishing.


Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries, Scotland

Music majors will find no end of excellent opportunities and resources at Edinburgh Napier. The school hosts both a Jazz-Musician-in-Residence and Composer-in-Residence, allowing students access to great musical minds, an experience which enhances their learning and understanding of music. The prestigious Edinburgh Quartet is also hosted at the university.

There are both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in which students can enroll, including the Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music, and a Bachelor of Music, which is a classical music programme.

Edinburgh Napier also has an impressive Photography and Film programme that is widely respected throughout the UK. The school has been granted Skillset “Screen Academy” status, and is one of only six universities in the UK, and the only in Scotland, to have received this distinction for its reputation in film education.

Degree programmes include a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Film, a Master of Fine Arts in Advanced Film Practice, and Master of Arts degrees in Screen Project Development and Screenwriting.

Edinburgh’s Institute for Creative Industries helps facilitate professional endeavours in the fields of design, photography, film and television, literature and publishing, media and communications, music, and journalism.

Because of its extensive network of resources, Edinburgh Napier can offer students unique opportunities to pursue their interests and passions in the creative field and help turn those into rewarding careers. The school’s international presence makes it a stepping stone for students to launch themselves on to the global stage in some of the most creative markets in the world.

The high standard of quality work at Edinburgh Napier ensures a rich and rewarding overall experience of study.

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