Easter Sunday or Påsk
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Easter Sunday or Påsk

Glad Påsk! 

Did you celebrate it?

Personally, I don’t care a lot about religious holidays. I am embarrassed to say that I really have no clue if Swedes do anything special over these couple of Easter days. I have seen a lot of chocolate eggs around and food in the shape of chicken. I guess it is more or less the same all over the Europe and that is why I paid no attention to it. I just wonder, do they color eggs at home and then they “fight” with them to see who has the strongest egg that won’t break? I must ask someone about this…

Anyway, what I do know and like to do is meeting up with friends to dine and wine and have some fun. For a while we had this idea of meeting together, preparing Brazilian food and just getting to relax a little bit. All seven of us are Chalmers students from different departments and it is hard to synchronize the schedules if not for events like this. 

As you might know, my cooking skills are on a very high level for I even have my own secret ingredient. Though, all jokes aside, I can cook! It’s just that I need a little bit of a push to do so. And having a Brazilian master chef in my kitchen is a push, trust me. She did the whole work though, I was just cutting the ingredients. 



I am obsessed about leek and onions and garlic , at least when it comes to cutting it. I think the only thing I love to cut more is meat. And here I am not talking about my fingers! 




This is our working space, since the kitchen counters weren’t big enough for everything we had to chop, cut and mix together. 


I guess I should explain what we ate. But given that I was just a helping hand, I think it is better for you to check Mari’s blog. I know it is in Portuguese, but there is a built in translator on it. We made feijoada, vinagrete, molho nagô, farofa (my personal favorite since even I can make it without fuss) and couve a mineira. Do I really need to mention how delicious it was? Or how I ate only once today since I still feel too full.  


We even ate desert. I have no clue why, I was having problems with breathing even before it. Two “home-made” bought pies that Dani and her boyfriend brought with ice-cream. I don’t remember the brand, but I must mention here that I ate some good frozen food here in Sweden. It happens a lot that while you are studying there is no time for preparing food and frozen meals are the only choice. 



And this would be the end of my post, but my friends wouldn’t be my friends if something strange did not happen. Maybe it is because we study at a University of Technology, maybe just because we are geeks (and nerds) or there is another explanation. But when the time came to interact with each other we reached out for technology instead of human interaction. Look at this:

    the master chef sits in the middle on this first picture

DSCF6528  DSCF6526  DSCF6527

     I guess you recognize Dani  

 We are talking to each other, if that is any consolation. Or to be precise, we are drawing to each other. There is this app we adore called Draw Something and instead of playing with a normal board game or whatever, we are playing over our phones! I am honestly confused whether I like it or not. 

So, there you go. My Easter, far away from home and family, but surrounded with wonderful people I met on this journey called studying abroad.  Next time we should try to make some Swedish food. I reckon it could be fun to see how we can interpret traditional recipes.


Happy Easter!



p.s. we were so tired after eating that it seems we couldn’t even smile :)