Does Suwon killer have other victims?
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Does Suwon killer have other victims?

Original article in Korean is at this link.

Following the murder of a young woman in Suwon by 42-year old Oh Won-chun, another young woman in Ansan has come forward to say that she was also victimized by him. Police say that her attacker had a similar modus operandi.

According to a statement of the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency on the 11th, 26-year old Ms. A has told them that “in July of 2010 I was kidnapped by a person similar to Mr. Oh and escaped.” Police are investigating the claim.

According to Ms. A, about 20 months ago she she was abducted by a man near an apartment complex in the Sangrok-gu district of Ansan. Ms. A said that “he suddenly came out from behind some parked car loaded with cargo and reeked of alcohol.” The method of surprising a woman by hiding behind an object is similar to Mr. Oh’s method. He committed the murder while extremely intoxicated and after hiding behind a telephone pole in front of a residential building.

Ms. A was able to escape without sustaining serious injury, but is still receiving psychological treatment from the shock of it. At the time she reported the incident to local police, who conducted an investigation, but there has been no arrest in the case. Ms. A requested that the investigators have access to a nearby security camera but police never received the tape.

Ms. A says that the recently-apprehended Mr. Oh is very similar to her abductor. It is also similar that he fled when she appeared to be injured. Seeing her claim as credible, police formed an investigatory team on the 11th. A member of the police said that “after Mr. Oh’s appearance was published we have received some tips that people were assaulted by a similar man… we plan to swiftly investigate all credible leads.”