“Cortègen” tells you What’s going on in the parking area near the library.
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“Cortègen” tells you What’s going on in the parking area near the library.

These days, each time I passed by the parking area, I could hear loud music mixed with the sound of sawing the wood, people shouting some “slogan”, and see people in copes of different colors. I was so curious about what was going on, and I could only sense that a big event was around the corner.
/>Then I asked a librarian about it, she wrote the name of the event on my notebook ” Cortège”, however, it ws a pity that she only told me that it was an annual activity for Chalmers student and on 1th May, these cars would go to the center and student would parade. Almost all people in Gothenburg will join the event. Sounds very interesting!
/>My curiosity pushed me to know more about it, and I turned to GOOGLE! She/he told me as follows: ” the Cortège” (Swedish: Cortègen), or The Chalmers Cortège (Swedish: Chalmerscortègen) is an annual carnival parade held on Walpurgis Night (April 30) by students of the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The Cortège consists of around 600 students and around 50 truck carriages, each carriage depicting—in a satirical and comic way—significant events that have taken place since the previous parade. The procession makes its way through the city centre, where it is seen by around 250,000 people each year.”
/>It seemed that the parade would be very interesting, which drived me to their “workshop”—the parking area to dig more. At first, I am not permitted to go inside. It’s a long story why I entered in, anyway, I made it.

/>The gate of the workshop


 So many tents here and there


Can you recognize that they are building  a dragon?



Most Cars scraps from garbage

/>They even eat in the workshop:  Mini Canteen

/>Raw Materials—wood


Raw materials–paint

/>The responsible people told me that preparation for the parade will last 10 days. The groups are found by volunteers in Chalmers. On 1th May, next Monday, they will parade to the center to show their masterpieces telling people either the big event last year, or just some ideas about anything in their mind. It is kind of competition between groups, and there will be a big prize for the winners, but he said it would be a secret until the last minute.
/>I look forward soooooooooooooo much for the parade on Monday. Good luck for those groups!