Burger King Debuts Bacon-Flavored Ice-Cream Sundae
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Burger King Debuts Bacon-Flavored Ice-Cream Sundae

Also putting the stigma “everything is better with bacon” to the test, fast-food giant Burger King has added to its menu the ‘Bacon-flavored Sundae’.

At Nashville, in the US state of Tennessee, the US$ 2.49 sundae features vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, and a crispy piece of bacon to top it off.

Adam M. of GrubGrade, who has tried the bacon sundae, gave the unique dessert an 8.5 out of 10.

He writes: “The bacon was at room temperature, but was crispy and thick… crunchy, smoky, and salty. So sturdy was this piece of bacon that I was easily able to dip the end of it into the cup as I ate it, scooping up the vanilla soft serve and the chocolate and caramel toppings.”

“The soft serve was cold and silky-smooth… The caramel was subtle and just a TEENY bit salty, and the chocolate had that ‘cooked’ taste that a nice hot fudge has.”

“The bacon stayed crispy throughout, and its smokiness and saltiness powered through even when there was a lot of chocolate and caramel on the spoon. It had the crispy-crunchiness and the ever-so-slight burned flavor that bacon gets as soon as it crosses the border into well-done.”

“Even on a few of the pieces that looked fattier than some of the others, there was no awkward chewiness or off-tasting flavor of un-rendered pork fat. I am pleasantly surprised to get to say that it is definitely something I would order again.”

Is bacon only for breakfast, or can it also be part of dessert?

[via Foodbeast, image via Eater National]
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