App To Control Your Dreams, Now Available In English
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App To Control Your Dreams, Now Available In English

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As the world’s largest dream experiment—and probably borrowing from Japanese design firm Technology Miraiworks’ Yumemiru dream-crafting app—UK-based Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire has created an English-version of the dream app for non-Japanese speaking/reading users to create their perfect dream.

Called ‘Dream:ON’, the app monitors your movement while you’re asleep, and plays ‘soundscapes’ designed to help you create your desired dream while you’re in Rapid-Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

All users have to do before they go to bed is: choose one of the soundscapes available; decide what time they wish to wake up and their alarm tone; plug in their iPhone to charge; press ‘start’; and place their phone face-down on the bed next to them.

The app waits till you’re especially still and in dream-mode (about 20 minutes before you want to wake up) and gently plays the soundscape that will influence your subconscious, and will get incorporated into your dream.

Users can also log what they’ve dreamt about and share it on Twitter or Facebook, to prove whether or not you can actually influence your dreams.

To be part of the experiment, users can purchase the starter pack of the app—which comes with two free songs and a fully-functional smart-alarm—on iTunes for free.

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