After fleeing Korea, American teacher arrested
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After fleeing Korea, American teacher arrested

Original article in Korean is at this link.

Update: A Korean teacher was arrested for a similar crime this week as well.

The Daegu Metropolitan Police Agency announced on the 2nd that 56-year old Mr. M, a native speaker English teacher, has been arrested in the United States, to which he had fled after sexually molesting four elementary school boys.

Mr. M is accused of molesting Lee, a boy who was then 14 years old, and the others on five occasions from June 2 through July 3 of 2010. Mr. M allegedly forcibly groped the boys’ underwear and genitals in the school’s English classroom.

Mr. M fled to the United States as soon as his crime was reported in the media, on July 7 of 2010, and was arrested in the United States on the 2nd after a joint international investigation.

On the 27th of last month police received Mr. M’s extradition through US authorities and detained him on the 29th.