A Social Networking App For You And Your Partner Only
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A Social Networking App For You And Your Partner Only

Tenthbit Inc has created a social networking app for just two people that are in a relationship—for them to stay in touch with the person they love.

The iOS app, called ‘Pair’, consolidates all types of ways to communicate in one timeline for couples.

It lets users share things in life with each other whenever and wherever they are—where no one else can see.

Users can send messages, photos, videos, sketches and their locations through the app.

When both users are online, the app also has functions that let couples sketch with each other (maybe play tic-tac-toe), ‘Thumbkiss’ each other (that will make phones vibrate when touched on the same spot), and video chat in real-time.

Pair also has a function where users can let their significant others know that they’re “thinking of them”.

Users can also set reminders for their anniversary and birthdays, and make to-do lists.

The idea behind the app? Creators said it was the distance they experienced from their significant others.

“When we first moved to Mountain View, we found ourselves very disconnected from our significant others back home,” Oleg Kostour, one of Pair’s five creators, told Fast Co. Design.

“Our girlfriends were in Canada, and we were trying to stay connected with them using Skype, SMS, Facebook and email. The communication was scattered across many products, and we always felt like there was something missing.”

“By having an app only associated with one other person, you no longer have to go through your contact list or multiple apps to share things with the person you speak to most often,” Kostour added.

“Being able to see when your partner is online makes your conversation feel more real time, and it makes it easier to catch each other to Facetime (which you can activate from within Pair).”

Pair can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

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