Victim in Korea University sex case might leave Korea
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Victim in Korea University sex case might leave Korea

Original article in Korean is at this link.

In an intervew on the 28th Kim Jae-ran, the attorney for the victim in the Korea University molestation case, told CBS News’ Kim Mi-hwa that “the victim in the Korea University molestation case is being treated for her psychological health, and is distressed that she may have to go to another country,” describing the victim’s continuing anguish.

Mr. Kim said that the assailants and their attorneys “victimized her a second time by publishing her name in the process of receiving her signature on a sworn statement after they said she had a personality disorder that caused her to exaggerate the facts… for that reason we have filed a defamation lawsuit against their attorneys.”

When asked whether it wasn’t the attorneys’ right to bring up various theories to win a not-guilty verdict, Mr. Kim said that “it is outside the right to defend oneself to say things that have no relationship to the case or to the truth… it is not acceptable to give false evidence or to conceal a statement.”

Mr. Kim pointed out that “the victim did not want to inform the school about the incident, but her name was publicized when her statement was released… the victim completed her studies with top marks, but now she cannot work in a hospital or stay in the school and is receiving mental health treatment,” illustrating the second victimization of having her name published.

Kim also said that “there must be rules so that, in sexual assault cases, attorneys are barred from releasing victim’s names or details of their lives.”