The NANYANG MBA, Singapore
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The NANYANG MBA, Singapore

Of all the MBA opportunities available to Asian students today, those at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are among the most attractive. Many business schools in the West are reaching out to prominent Asian universities and NTU welcomes these networking opportunities. The NANYANG MBA has been listed among the top 100 MBAs in the world for the past 7 years, and remains a leading choice for Asian and Western professionals looking to excel in the world of international business.

Singapore is already an East-meets-West sort of city. Locals combine European sensibilities with the drive that has characterized the East’s dramatic rise to pre-eminence in the 21st century. The attitude is contagious, and it develops a competitive drive among the student population.



When you graduate from Nanyang, you’ll enjoy access to a sweeping international network that will break down barriers and transform your career opportunities. But the best product of your education is going to be your enhanced international awareness. Earning an MBA at Nanyang Business School involves joining an international study force that presents opportunities to lead and adapt to other cultures.

The NANYANG MBA is known for its comprehensive, rigorous curriculum. Students can enroll on a full-time basis and take daytime classes from Monday to Friday, or they can slow it down to nights and weekends through the part-time program. In either case, they emerge with the knowledge and skills needed to transform 21st-century business practices.

This MBA program is flexible at heart. Students choose their electives carefully to tailor their degree to their own career goals and interests. In all, there are seven specializations: finance, international business, international studies, knowledge management, marketing, strategy and technology.

These are the main business management degrees on offer at NTU:

Full-time MBA
The full-time MBA program is broken into four trimesters and takes 16 months to complete. It begins with a set of core classes that all students take, and then branches out with a choice of functional electives. These are usually only offered once a year, so students are required to register when they begin the program.

The MBA program also offers a flexi-course. This allows students to choose a particular study track. One involves writing a dissertation and another carrying out a business study mission. Beyond these two options, there are two other courses that can be taken as part of the flexi-course.

Part-time MBA
The NANYANG MBA part-time program offers the same content as its full-time counterpart. The difference is that students are given more time to complete the program. This allows students with other obligations, such as a career and family life, to continue with these while earning their MBA.

The part-time course is broken up into between six and eight trimesters. The 16 courses required for the degree are usually taken two at a time. The minimum course load is one per trimester, and the maximum is three. Carrying the maximum course load requires carrying no less than a B grade average.

Double Masters Programs
In an effort to offer a greater range of choices in its business program, Nanyang has organized a series of double masters programs that see the Singaporean university partnering with schools in Europe and Japan. These programs create excellent opportunities to foster cross-cultural awareness and leadership skills.

The first two partnerships are with St Gallen (Switzerland) and ESSEC Business School (France). St Gallen runs one of the world’s top-five Strategy and International Management programs according to the Financial Times.

The other partnership is with Waseda University in Tokyo. The degree has a technology slant and grooms business managers to work in manufacturing, technology, operations and similar sectors. This program is taught in Singapore, and it marks the first time that a Japanese university has offered a degree outside of national borders. Waseda sends professors to teach some of the classes, and students go on a two-week study mission to Japan.



International Community
Singapore is an amazing place to study – or to live and work, for that matter. It is consistently shortlisted as one of the most liveable cities in Asia, and few places on the continent can compete in terms of infrastructure, cleanliness and diversity.

International exposure is a key component of The NANYANG MBA. Each intake has students representing at least 20 countries from around the world, which means that even time spent in class is going to be an international experience.

The school is also keen on connecting with other prominent universities across the world. Its global network of international universities extends to Europe, North America and greater Asia, offering students the chance to travel and meet next-generation decision-makers around the globe.

This international network allows the business school to offer students attractive opportunities. You can enroll in an exchange program that sees you off to an international business school for three to four months. It is also possible to sign up for shorter business study missions where you’ll be able to apply classroom theory to real-world business scenarios.

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