The Lisbon MBA, Portugal
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The Lisbon MBA, Portugal

The Lisbon MBA is a cooperation between two universities: Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidade Catolica. From its inception, the program has been all about uniting different cultures. In the process, it has made dynamic inroads into China and the US, bringing students from three continents together in what has to be one of the most attractive international MBA programs available today.

For students in Asia who are planning to earn a master’s in business management, the program at Lisbon is worth a long look. You’ll find yourself in an environment that encourages cultural dialogue while honing the leadership skills needed to succeed on the global stage. By the time you graduate, you’ll have valuable experience working with real-world companies, access to multiple international networks and a new appreciation for the business cultures of Portugal, China and the US.


Pic: The Lisbon MBA.

The Lisbon MBA can be taken full-time, or it can be broken down into more manageable modules for students who intend to continue working. Students are encouraged to look at the both to determine which program is best suited for them.

The Lisbon MBA International
This is the main Lisbon MBA offering. The program lasts two years, spans two continents and leads students through an intensive and comprehensive curriculum that explores the latest developments and trends in management practice and theory.

Students begin in January and cover three terms worth of fundamentals by the end of May. In the process, they garner core leadership skills, attend workshops and begin developing their own philosophy on leadership. Overseas students also have the option to study Portuguese at this point for off-campus interactions.

This is followed a four-week intensive summer course. You’ll cross the Atlantic and set up base in the US for one month, studying global management at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. This is followed an option to participate in the Portugal-China Lab or to enroll in a summer internship.

From here, it’s on to the specialization stage. You’ll return to Lisbon and dive headfirst into coursework that reflects your particular goals and interests. This involves refining your experience through electives and working in a group to solve real-world problems as part of a management competition.

Part-Time MBA
The part-time MBA program is designed for busy people who are already living full-time lives. The program and its scheduling are all about balancing work and life in such a way that students can add credentials without giving up their careers. For those who can afford time away, this program includes an optional international trip.

The two-year part-time program mirrors its full-time counterpart. The difference comes down to organization and scheduling. You will spend the first year laying the foundation of your MBA, working on team building, communication and self-awareness. The second year is all about tailoring your MBA to suit your particular strengths, interests and career focus. You’ll be given the option to enroll in electives while completing career development courses to prepare you for the years ahead.

An MIT Affiliate
A strong selling point of the Lisbon MBA is its affiliate status in the MIG Sloan Alumni Association. MIT selects exceptional programs around the world to be part of its affiliate network. As part of this exchange, Lisbon graduates are listed in the Sloan Alumni Directory and enjoy access to other affiliates’ networks around the world.

This is particularly beneficial for students in Asia. MIT has been busy making inroads in China, and partners in the Middle Country include Lingnan University, SKK Graduate School of Business, Sungkyunkwan University and Fudan University. Graduating with a Lisbon MBA involves ties into Europe, North America and Asia. It is difficult imagining a more dynamic opportunity.

Beyond the chance to network and achieve a higher international profile, MIT affiliates enjoy a host of other benefits. They can participate in MIT Sloan affinity groups and regional clubs, register for MIT-sponsored events, join special discussion groups and receive the MIT Sloan Alumni e-newsletter.

Portugal-China Lab
The Lisbon MBA
program has made exciting inroads into Asia, making this an even more attractive option for students from the region. Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidade Catolica have joined forces with the University of Fudan in Shanghai. The aim is to create opportunities for students from both continents to cooperate on business-management projects.

This initiative is called the Portugal-China Lab, and it chooses an international company that has a presence in both countries to use as a case study subject. Students from the Lisbon MBA program fly to Shanghai and observe the dealings of that company.

They then form mixed teams of students from both schools. These teams compile data, analyze real-world cases and put together proposals that will be presented to the company. It’s an excellent opportunity for Eastern and Western students to observe foreign business practices and develop transcontinental strategies that they can use in their future careers.


Pic: The Lisbon MBA.

Career Launch
The Lisbon MBA’s Career Management Center (CMC) is one of the many resources available to students when they join The Lisbon MBA. The aim is to help students understand, identify and achieve their career goals. This is done through helping students gain a realistic understanding of themselves, their skills, and their career aspirations. The Career Management center works to broaden students’ range of career opportunities, ensuring they complete the MBA with the tools needed for lifelong career management.

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