Thanong on the plot to make Thailand a ‘slave country’
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Thanong on the plot to make Thailand a ‘slave country’

Thanong in The Nation:

We can see that the plot has been outlined and implemented so artfully to create deep divisions within the country. The theme is dialectical: the poor against the rich; the phrai against the ammart; democracy against dictatorship; freedom against censorship; freedom of expression against the lese majeste law.

The foreign interests – the foreign media, foreign governments and foreign institutions – have been active players in this dialectical process in Thailand. They support the “poor” against the “rich Bangkokians”. They back the phrai against the ammart. They promote “democracy” against “military dictatorship”. They support media freedom against censorship, even though the thousands of websites sprouting up against the monarchy are loaded with obscene language. And finally, they are in favour of amending the lese majeste law so that anybody can attack the monarchy freely.

It is all a double play – for the external factors that seek to influence the course of Thai politics have been benefiting from the pro-West and liberalisation policies of the Thai military, the Democrats and the Pheu Thai Party all the same.

No matter which government is in power, it “must open up” the economy and country to foreign participation. This is the key.

But these external forces at play are still not happy with the status quo that they have already been in control of, from the banking sector, the stock market to the liberalisation of economic policies.

The endgame is nothing more than complete control so that Thailand is reduced to the status of a slave country that becomes part of a broad alliance in the upcoming Third World War.

BP: As usual, Thanong’s worldview sounds very  similar to Sondhi L.

btw, the external forces are in charge of the status quo? Really? What will a slave country be like? Singapore and Hong Kong with more liberalized economies?

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