Student-alumn dinner in China and Talent Race ceremony
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Student-alumn dinner in China and Talent Race ceremony

It’s in the afternoon 22 March in Shanghai and the rain pours down. Rain during rush hour in Shanghai makes it almost impossible to find a taxi. Peter Hellqvist, Alumni Coordinator at Chalmers, and I are on our way to a joint event for students and alumni.

We invited newly admitted Master’s students to meet us at the Sino-Finnish Centre at Tongji University. And we were really happy to meet around 25 students to talk about Chalmers, Gothenburg and Sweden. Eric Zhang from the Swedish General Consulate joined us to provide information on how to apply for visa and residence permit.


/>When the information session was over, around 15 Chalmers alumni arrived. They usually meet approximately once a month in Shanghai. A very good way of sharing experiences and building a useful and important network. This evening at Tongji, the alumni welcomed the newly admitted students into the community of Chalmers students around the world. Friends are important when you’ll take a big and difficult step into the unknown future.
/>Professor Jan Staël von Holstein said welcome on behalf of Tongji and the Sino-Finnish Centre and Jörgen Sjöberg, Chief Development Officer at Chalmers, greets students, alumni and Volvo Cars representatives welcome to the Chalmers event.

And finally it was time for the Talent Race prize ceremony. Talent Race – a prestigious and attractive scholarship competition in cooperation between Chalmers University of Technology and Volvo Car Cooperation. The winner receives a scholarship from Volvo Car Cooperation, covering the tuition fee for a two years Master’s programme. The winner is also guaranteed participation in the VESC programme (Volvo Engineering Student Concept) which includes: summer job, master thesis project, mentorship and possible employment at VCC.

/>And the Talent Race winner is – Hantang Liu!

/>talentrace1  Lars Nyborg, Vice President of Product Development, Volvo Cars Shanghai, handed out the diploma and explained the importance of young talent with engineering knowledge and understanding of multiple cultures, for Volvo Cars in their future development. Hantang Liu was also congratulated by Anders Wennberg, Chief Resource Officer at Chalmers, before the dinner started.


IMG_1214-1  Students and alumni from China and around the world talked about life at Chalmers and life after graduation. It was a very nice evening and hopefully all Chinese students are more prepared to step into the challenging studies at Chalmers and also in the fellowship of Chalmers!
/>Saturday 24 March we held a similar meeting at Peking University in Beijing for newly admitted students and alumni. See images below:




Hope to see you all admitted students at Chalmers during the Welcome Week in August! :-)
/>Text: Cecilia Hillman and Peter Hellqvist


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