Strathallan School, Scotland
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Strathallan School, Scotland

The UK’s Strathallan school is a leading educational institution for students as young as nine years old through 18 years of age. Strathallan maintains a prestigious and well-earned reputation that it has cultivated since its founding in 1913.

Though Strathallan was first opened as a school for boys, the first girls were welcomed into the classes in 1979 and the school continues as a co-ed institution today.


Pic: Strathallan School

Situated on a beautiful pastoral campus in rural Perth, Scotland, Strathallan provides a spacious and comfortable place students can call home as they learn and grow among their teachers and peers. Two thirds of the student body are full-time boarders.

The school’s 150 acres of property include a number of state-of-the-art facilities such as computing and design technology centres, and a gymnasium and strength conditioning centre.

Housing is arranged according to students’ age groups and needs. The youngest pupils at Strathallan, those ranging from ages nine to 13, are housed in a separate complex, while older students are given individual rooms to maximize their study experience. They are encouraged to socialize in common areas, which fosters a sense of community that is highly prized at Strathallan.

Because community involvement is such a priority at Strathallan, students have the opportunity to participate in school committees, where they can influence activities and decisions that affect themselves and their peers. Examples of these are the Charities, Eco, Ball and Food Committees.

The Strathallan student body is quite diverse, with 14 percent of them international pupils representing 23 countries.

The rigorous academic environment at Strathallan has yielded impressive results. It was named the top A Level school in Scotland in 2009 and 2010 by the Financial Times. In 2011, the publication named Strathallan the top co-ed A Level school in Scotland. Strathallan’s A Level pass rate has been between 99.5 and 100 percent for the past four consecutive years. More than 95 percent of students go on to successful university careers. Strathallan graduates have earned admission to 39 universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Strathallan places a strong emphasis on sports and physical activity and provides students with a number of options for getting their exercise and finding an activity they enjoy.

Sports facilities on campus include rugby pitches, cricket squares, hockey pitches, tennis and netball courts, and a nine-hole golf course. The sports hall includes a climbing wall. Those with a bent toward tennis or clay pigeon shooting can participate in the school’s academies for these sports, and potentially compete nationally.

Regardless of their commitment to a particular sport, all pupils are required to engage in physical activity at least three times a week.

In addition to the well-rounded sports program, Strathallan also has programs in dance, photography, and piping and drumming.

Future business leaders can participate in the Young Enterprise club, in which they run an actual business to gain a better understanding of the profession. Strathallan students have run fair trade businesses through the club, and if members pass an exam at the end of each year, they are awarded a certificate that is respected by the business community. Such hands-on experience may prove invaluable in the future, when graduates seek internships or entry into competitive business programs.

The school also encourages parental participation and invites parents to cheer their children on at all sports games. Socials are hosted for parents afterward, providing an opportunity for them to mingle and exchange experiences.

Students are given academic support throughout their Strathallan careers. The teaching staff are highly qualified and each pupil has the opportunity to work with a private tutor, to ensure he or she is excelling to the best of their abilities.


Pic: Strathallan School

As they grow older and prepare for university and their professional lives beyond that, a career services team can assist students in determining their goals and how to achieve them.

Strathallan maintains strong relationships with a number of UK universities, which may open doors for students who seek higher education after graduating from the prestigious boarding school. Indeed, 95 percent of graduates go on to university. In 2011, students enrolled at 39 different institutions after they moved on from Strathallan.

As to what happens once students have completed their time at Strathallan, the school makes a concerted effort to stay connected with alumni. Indeed, they are making a push to reach out to former students in anticipation of their Centenary celebration, which will take place in 2013.

The admissions process is a competitive one and students at all levels must demonstrate that they are capable of meeting the school’s high standards. This may include academic records from previous schools, or exams requested by Strathallan staff to determine a student’s aptitude and ability to successfully complete their courses.

The curriculum here covers a range of subjects, including art, scienes, mathematics, economics and business, design technology and modern languages, among several others.

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