Second birthday away from home :)
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Second birthday away from home :)

Yesterday i.e. on 23rd March I spent my second birthday abroad. No guys I am not advertizing my birthday (which is anyways over :)

Some days in your life are really close to your heart because of the attached happy memories in past and you want to spend those days with your near and dear ones reliving those experiences, birthdays are one of those days. So when you come to a completely new country leaving back your friends and family spending birthdays without them is kind of a lonely experience.

I can tell you this for sure because last year I spent my birthday completely on my own, It was my first birthday away from home. I was feeling really bad so I did some stupid stuff. Switched of my mobile, removed my birthday update from facebook and went off the grid. I had an important presentation at Chalmers and was busy from 8 to 5, came back home and went to bed and woke up next morning. Thats it my birthday was over.


but this year I had a blast, thanks to all my friends both in India and in sweden, for filling up my message boxes with greeting, for waking up at 4.30 AM in india to wish me exactly at 00.00; making a surprise visit at my apartment with cakes and birthday bumps and for a lovely dinner and amazing night :) Even the weather in Gothenburg was awesome today, it was almost like a spring day :)


The whole point of the story is, “it is upto you to decide to be happy or to be sad” and keep your friends closure, where ever they are in the world they can make your day!!

P.s. Sorry for the off the shelf pictures,  my birthday pictures are still under progress :P